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Single Pendulum Isolator

The Single Pendulum™ isolator is the original Friction Pendulum™ isolator. The single slider maintains the vertical load support at the center of the structural member. This offers construction cost advantages if one structural system is weaker, either above or below the isolator. The isolator also has a low height, which can be advantageous in some installations.

The Single Pendulum isolator maintains constant friction, lateral stiffness, and dynamic period for all levels of earthquake motion and displacements.

Single Pendulum Isolator
Center Position
Single Pendulum Isolator
Maximum Credible Earthquake
Single Pendulum Force Loop.PNG
Single Pendulum Force
Displacement Hysteretic Loop
Tension Isolator

Tension Capable Isolator


The Tension Capable isolator can accommodate structure vertical loads that vary from compression to tension during seismic movements. This isolator can substantially reduce structural framing costs by preventing uplift of a primary structural member, and can eliminate concerns regarding potential structure overturning or large vertical earthquake motions.

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