About Earthquake Protection Systems

Earthquake Protection Systems’ mission is to apply our advanced seismic isolation technology to the design and construction of resilient and sustainable facilities that can function after an earthquake. Using multi-stage seismic isolation, it is now economical to design facilities to protect contents, non-structural components, and structures from damage during the most severe earthquakes.

New construction can cost less than minimum code designs based on traditional ductility design. Consequently, designing for continued functionality is now an economical and practical alternative to code designs that implement only the minimum life safety standards as required by law. EPS is the world leader in seismic isolation design and manufacture. We have the highest engineering qualifications, most technologically advanced products, the broadest implementation experience, and the most comprehensive testing. We respond to the worldwide demand for seismic isolators with on time delivery at competitive prices.

EPS Advantages
  • Integrated engineering and isolator manufacture for unsurpassed reliability and quality

  • Isolators designed and tested to "Seismic Isolation Standard for Continued Functionality"

  • Guaranteed isolator prices and delivery schedule during project design phase

  • Lowest construction implementation cost for seismic isolation

  • Reduced damage to non-structural components and facility contents using multi-stage seismic isolation

  • Quality assured by real-time seismic testing of 100% of isolators

  • Widest range of seismic isolator capacities and types

Key Personnel

EPS has three principal structural engineers, each with more than 20 years full-time experience in the design and implementation of seismic isolation. Each principal engineer has designed and implemented seismic isolation for major, critical applications. A principal engineer works with every customer to design the most cost-effective and best performing seismic isolation solution for his or her application.

Victor Zayas, Ph.D., P.E.



Victor Zayas is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for business and operations management. He oversees product development, manufacturing, testing, and quality control. He developed the Friction Pendulum™ isolator technology and materials, manufacturing and testing methods.

Stanley Low, M.E., SE



Stanley Low is the principal engineer responsible for the detailed isolator designs, drawings, and specifications. He verifies that the manufactured isolators meet the project specific technical requirements and provides computer analyses that accurately predict the seismic response of structures.

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Anoop Mokha.jpg
Anoop Mokha, Ph.D., SE



Anoop Mokha is the principal engineer responsible for product applications. He is the primary contact for customer technical assistance with isolator design, procurement and installation. He has extensive experience in implementing seismic isolation on complex major projects.

Julie Robinson, Ph.D.



Julie Robinson is responsible for business accounting and financials, material procurement, business records and administration, and implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control Program.

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