Seismic Isolation Engineering Experts

The world’s largest governments and corporations in 32 countries rely on EPS engineered seismic solutions to protect their most important buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.   Projects and Clients   EPS has three principal engineers each of whom has 30 year’s professional experience specializing in implementing state-of-the-art seismic isolation solutions.  Key Personnel  EPS’ Friction Pendulum™ isolators are engineered for each application considering seismic hazards, seismic damage limits, structure strength, and construction costs. 

Caution is needed when implementing seismic isolators.  Isolators that claim structure code compliance, but do not comply with the Isolator Standard, create serious collapse hazards instead of minimizing seismic damage.  When EPS is selected as the seismic isolation engineer at the beginning of a project design, EPS designs the isolators to limit seismic damage to conform to the SISCF, and the REDi seismic resiliency criteria, and provides guaranteed isolator prices and on time delivery schedule.    REDi Standard     EPS also guarantees its isolator prices are lower than those of any alternate isolators having equivalent capacities, properties, and reliability as proven by equivalent testing in accordance with the Seismic Isolation Standard for Continued Functionality.    Isolator Standard

Friction Pendulum™ Seismic Solutions

EPS invented the Friction Pendulum™ seismic isolation concept in 1985. Since then, EPS has made continual improvements and now offers advanced Friction Pendulum™ isolators that optimize seismic performance to meet our customer's most rigorous seismic performance needs. Each Friction Pendulum™ isolator  is a  specialty engineered   sliding   pendulum that controls the structure's seismic response, and harmlessly

dissipates the earthquake’s energy. Our Triple Pendulum™ isolators are multi-stage isolators that optimize seismic performance during small, medium and large earthquake events, and reduce the cost of achieving post-earthquake functionality.

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Example Applications
Example Applications
Example Applications
Example Applications

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