EPS offers seismic isolation solutions and provides engineering support services to project engineers to help them evaluate the technical and cost benefits that EPS expert seismic isolation engineering and products can bring to a construction project. We develop application-specific seismic isolation solutions, isolation system designs, and bearing designs with guaranteed prices. We submit these to the engineer and owner so they can evaluate and select the preferred seismic solution and bearing manufacturer early in the project design process. EPS’s seismic isolation solutions achieve improved seismic performance at reduced construction costs.

After EPS is selected for an application, EPS seismic isolation engineering experts will work with the project engineer to optimize the seismic isolation solution, and develop detailed bearing designs and installation details that meet the performance criteria, and reduce the cost of construction. Once the bearing designs are complete, prototype testing is performed, and a complete signed and stamped engineering report is submitted by EPS for the isolation system design, bearing manufacture, and testing. All EPS seismic isolation solutions, isolation system designs, and bearing designs are the copyrighted and proprietary intellectual property of EPS.

EPS bearings are manufactured and tested in strict compliance with the EPS ISO 9001 specifications, which are the only specifications that apply to the bearing manufacture and testing. The proper implementation of the isolation system into the project design and construction is the responsibility of the project design engineer. Bearings used for construction are sold at the guaranteed prices in accordance with standard EPS terms and conditions.
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