Benicia-Martinez Bridge Retrofit, California
The Benicia-Martinez Bridge is one of three critical lifeline bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area essential to post-earthquake emergency response operations. Friction PendulumTM bearings achieved an elastic structure response for the design earthquake, which included very strong near-fault ground motions and deep soil site effects.
This design earthquake, with spectral accelerations over 7g, was much stronger than could be accommodated using conventional elastic design approaches. Moreover, using Friction PendulumTM bearings, as compared to rubber bearings, saved over 30 million dollars in construction costs.
The Friction PendulumTM bearings were installed at the tops of the concrete piers, under the roadway trusses. They have a lateral displacement capacity of 53 inches, a 5 million pound design dead plus live load capacity, and a 5 second period.
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