I-40 Mississippi River Bridge Retrofit, Tennessee
The I-40 Bridge over the Mississippi River is a vital transportation, commercial and defense link in the Memphis area. It is situated at the southeastern edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where 3 of the largest earthquakes in the Central United States occurred in the 1800’s. It was retrofitted with Friction PendulumTM isolation bearings designed to withstand a magnitude 7 earthquake occurring on the New Madrid fault. Retrofitting the 40 year old bridge with Friction PendulumTM bearings will allow it to remain operational after an extreme earthquake event.
The Friction PendulumTM seismic isolation design strategy resulted in construction cost savings of over $16 million compared to a conventional retrofit. These cost savings were realized through minimizing strengthening of the superstructure, piers and foundations.
Project Brochure
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